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About Dr. Waterson DC DACNB CFMP

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Dr. Robert Waterson is Triple Board Certified and holds two coveted post graduate board certifications in Clinical Neuroscience (DACNB) and Clinical Nutrition (CFMP). He also holds a Doctorate Degree in Chiropractic from Life University.  In his clinical experience he has gained the knowledge of treating patients of all ages and all conditions including; professional athletes in the NFL, MLB, and ATP, children with a variety of learning disorders, concussion patients of all ages, neurodegenerative patients with quality of life decline, and patients suffering from orthopedic pains including neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, knee pain, and ankle pain.

My Story

I sustained many concussions throughout my 20 years of playing football from the backyard to the collegiate level. As the years progressed I noticed my cognitive aptitude was not performing at a level compared to when I earned the Air Force Academic All American Award a short few years ago.

Like many others I tried the traditional medical route which resulted in increased dizziness and suggestion of medications that would cause drowsiness. During this time I was coincidentally taking a college class called Protein Biogenesis and in that class I challenged the outdated mantra “once a brain cell dies a human brain cannot regenerate more brain cells”.

After many hours of researching I was able to conclude that the brain does have the ability to regenerate through specific processes called neurogenesis “the creation of new brain cells” and synaptogensesis “ the creation of connections between brain cells”. 

From that point on I dedicating my academic efforts towards curating the "Synapse Approach” healing damaged brains in a non invasive treatment strategy. 

Personal History

Dr. Robert Waterson was born and raised in New Jersey. He attended Phillipsburg High School and prides himself on winning back to back Football State Championships, as well as being a three-sport captain. During his senior year at Phillipsburg High School Dr. Waterson earned the Air Force Academic All American Award, was inducted into the National Football Foundation “Lehigh Valley Chapter” for 2011 Scholar-Athlete of the Year, and earned the prestigious Ned Bolcar Defensive Player of the Year award. Dr. Waterson attended Ursinus College and continued his football career while earning his Bachelors of Science in Biology. During his time at Ursinus College within the Protein Biogenesis Lab, Dr. Waterson developed a passion for learning about traumatic brain injuries and neuroplasticity. Dr. Waterson turned toward Clinical Neuroscience and Clinical Nutrition to further his knowledge of non-invasive treatment strategies. Dr. Waterson earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree from Life University and graduated Cum Laude while being the President of the Functional Neurology Club. Dr. Waterson also studied Clinical Neuroscience through the Carrick Institute and Clinical Nutrition through Functional Medicine University. Both curriculums advanced Dr. Waterson’s understanding of the brain’s dynamic relationship with every organ in the body.

He is excited to have the opportunity to meet the members of the community and be able to impact the health and wellness of your family & friends. It has always been his goal to make the community healthy with an evidence based approach to conservative healthcare.

In his free time Dr. Waterson enjoys exploring nature with his wife Victoria PA-C.