As the rainy Spring ☔️🪻 approaches many people are being affected by chronic mold exposure🍄. Common symptoms of mold exposure are sinus issues, fatigue, migraines, headaches, brain fog, mood changes, joint pain etc.
Research has proven hyperbaric oxygen therapy to be an effective strategy to mitigate symptoms of mold exposure.
In this particular study, 15 adults between the ages of 18 and 58 received treatment. Researchers confirmed mold exposure in all patients, as well as exposure to mycotoxins and related byproducts. As a result, all participants became ill after exposure. All 15 patients developed clinical attention deficit disorder (ADD) after exposure, affecting their attention span and reaction time as determined by the administration of the TOVA test. After only 10 HBOT therapy sessions, all 15 patients experienced significant improvement in attention span and reaction time.
If you would like to get tested for mold exposure or schedule an appointment for hyperbaric oxygen therapy please email or call (302)-200-7901.
Please consult your primary care provider if your condition is an emergency.