BrainTap Fitness

Using a proprietary neuro-algorithm that results in full-spectrum brainwave activity.


BrainTap Brain Fitness Therapy

BrainTap uses a proprietary neuro-algorithm that results in full-spectrum brainwave activity. This allows for maximum neuroplasticity, making the brain more flexible and resilient, geared up and ready for optimal performance. With BrainTap, you can break free from chronic stress and burnout and achieve clear, focused thinking with the confidence to make better choices.

BrainTap–Proven in 12 Studies to Enhance Brain Fitness and Wellness

BrainTap’s technology is grounded in proven science, validated through clinical studies and trusted by thousands of health providers. We conduct research on Audiovisual Brain Entrainment in collaboration with European and North and South American universities and research centers.

Significant Findings

• Increased heart rate variability

• Improved quality of sleep (sleep efficiency)

• Increased parasympathetic activity

• Decreased stress, worry, and irritability

• Improved brain health (episodic memory)

In a Single Session…

• 38.5% Improvement on the stress index scale

• 27.3% Improvement on overall neurological markers

• Increased heart rate variability


Light Frequencies

Light pulses train the brain to produce a healthy balance of brainwave activity, transforming the listener into a mental powerhouse with the right mindset to accomplish about any goal.

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BrainTap's improved LED Visor and headset use auriculotherapy and various frequencies to dose your eyes and ears with energy.

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Beats & Tones

Embedded tones emulate relaxed brain waves, guiding the brain to an extraordinary level of focus and performance that would otherwise take years of practice to achieve.

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Guided Visualizations

Guided audio-sessions help you become the architect of your own life. A selection of over 2000 titles has been specifically designed to work with your BrainTap system.

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10-Cycle Holographic Music

The music is designed to create a complete 360-degree experience that stimulates the mind with calming thoughts and images.